Paul Harkin, a naive US Peace Corps Volunteer, comes to South Korea in 1979 hoping to experience the excitement of living deep within a foreign culture. His growing relationship with a Korean schoolteacher, however, draws him into a violent struggle against dictatorship. Against his better judgment, he defies the Peace Corps, the United States government, and -- most dangerously -- the Korean martial law authorities. At the center of the conflict is Mi Jin, a beautiful, troubled activist who, with Paul, sacrifices everything for the prospect of happiness. From the sometimes comic glimpses of Peace Corps life to the orgy of bloodletting during the famed Kwangju Uprising, this sweeping historical novel is an unforgettable experience for the reader.

ISBN: 1-84045-055-X

"Excellent! Mr Amos's book has made me relive those turbulent yet exhilarating times ..."
A former Peace Corps volunteer in Korea

"Mr Amos shows us how natural it is to become invested romantically and politically. Peace Corps Volunteers are committing themselves to live on this edge ... I can think of no better reason for new recruits to read it."
Bill Coolidge (

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William Amos
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