Notes on Things Korean

by Suzanne Crowder Han (K-42)

size: 21.5x14cm 248pages. hardcover. publisher: Hollym, 1995.

About this book

This is a compilation of concise and informative notes on a wide spectrum of things Korean from artistic expression to wrestling.
The notes, which are illustrated with numerous sketches and drawings, are presented in glossary form under the headings Arts and Crafts, Beliefs and Customs, Games and Sports, Language and Letters, Lifestyle, Music and Dance, People, Places and Monuments, Special Days, and Miscellaneous. They include, for example, descriptions of traditional Korean arts, crafts, games, sports clothing, housing, and food, and explanations of the origins of certain customs and traditions and the significance of certain persons, places and artifacts. A bibliography and a glossary of frequently used terms are in the back of the book.

Notes on Things Korean is for anyone interested in Korean life, thought and culture.

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